FabLab Nebrija


Calle Pirineos 55, Madrid, España, 28040, Spain,
28040, Madrid, Spain
The Polytechnic School of the Nebrija University has a Fab Lab, a space dedicated to digital fabrication that, following the spirit of the Fab Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Bits and Atoms, is conceived to “make (almost) anything”. It works as a space where students from different courses can work together, favouring the transmission of knowledge among the students and it’s also used in some of the courses to promote the “Learning by doing”.

The Fab Lab is provided with enough construction and electronic tools to allow it to become a part of the net of Fab Labs. It also has trained staff to guarantee its functioning. Because it belongs to the Polytechnic School, it also has several qualified professors that cover a wide range of areas of knowledge, as well as students that are very receptive to all the ideas proposed to them. We have a 190m2 space that contains the major part of the tools and machinery, and this area will be extended next September 2018 with a new 260m2 hall.

The Polytechnic School has Bachelor degrees in Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Automobile Engineering and Industry Technology, in addition to Architecture and Interior Design. Some of the areas in which our Fab Lab can provide knowledge for the net of Fab Labs are Materials Research, Circular Economy, Programming and Free Software.

The Fab Lab launches open activities for those who, although not linked to the University, have some interest in widening their knowledge in all the processes applicable in a laboratory of this kind. From how to assemble a 3D printer or what to use it for, to activities that bring the lab closer to the children or teens, to specific courses in software…


3D Modelling
3D Printing
Circuit Production
CNC Milling
Laser Cutting
Vinyl Cutting