FabLab CNH2


Prolongación Fernando el Santo, s/n, Puertollano, Ciudad Real, 13500, Spain,
13500, Ciudad Real,
+34 926 420 682
Fab-Lab CNH2 is specialized in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. It is open external use of scientifics, technicians and overall society. At the Fab-Lab CNH2 it is posible the full fabrication and low power polymeric technology fuel cells and electrolyzers and the development of their BoPs and control systems. The digital equipment and the methods used can reproduce the fabrication processes develope at others Fab-Labs.

Laboratory areas
- Electronic Fab: Development of BoPs, control systems and power electronics components, manufactured at the laboratory; fabrication of printed circuits prototypes; programming of microcontrollers and control systems.
- Mechanical Fab: Fabrication of fuel cells, mechanical components; machining of components, gas plates and accesories, cutting of membrane elements.
- Chemical Fab: Characterization and testing of electrochemical devices and MEAs, catalityc ink deposition and MEAs assembly.


3D Modelling
3D Printing
Circuit Production
CNC Milling
Laser Cutting
Vinyl Cutting