Fab Lab BCN


Carrer de Pujades, 102, Barcelona, Catalonia, 08005, Spain,
08005, Barcellona, Spain
+34 93 3209520
Fab Lab Barcelona is a centre of production, investigation and education, that uses the latest computer-assisted design software for the creation of prototypes and scale models for Architecture, Construction and Industrial Design.
Fab Lab Barcelona, part IAAC Foundation, is one of the leading laboratories of the worldwide Fab Lab Network. It is a hub for production, innovation, education and research, equipped with digital fabrication tools and technologies. It is the home of the Fab City Research Lab that centers its efforts in the development of a wide range of projects aiming to generate locally productive and globally connected cities, powered by advanced technologies in the hands of citizens.
- IAAC is based in the 22@Barcelona district (Poblenou), the “Makers District”, an international reference of innovation and technology district. In 22@ district, cutting-edge companies, universities, research, training and transfer of technology centres, that constitute the system of innovation are integrated with different agents of promotion that facilitate interaction and communication among them. Barcelona is an urban laboratory of research and innovation in digital technologies of communication and interaction.
This urban hub is supporting entrepreneurs in the area, create innovation clusters, looks for talent and serves as a model for developing solutions that could be exported in the world.
We focus our efforts in 3 main areas: EDUCATION: formal programs such as Fab Academy, Bio Academy and Fabricademy; short programs and workshops for kids & adults
RESEARCH: from hardware & software, to pilots and prototypes for future cities
PRODUCT & SERVICES: prototyping for companies, professionals and students; immersive activities design for fitting specific needs; conferences and events.


3D Modelling
3D Printing
Circuit Production
CNC Milling
Laser Cutting
Vinyl Cutting