Cáceres Smart Open Lab


Escuela Politécnica, Avd. Universidad s/n, Cáceres, Cáceres, 10074, Spain,
10074, Caceres, Afghanistan
It is mainly (but not only) formed by University students and professors.
Our objective is to grow collaborating and collaborate to grow.
We would like to get new fabrication skills and do it together, helping also new people to do it.
We are specialized in electronics, telecommunications and computer sciences projects. We have expertise in microcontroller projects (such as Arduino or Texas Instruments ones) and also SBCs such as Rapsberry Pi. We are applying this knowledge to #IoT #wearabables,... and related topics. We are already constructiong some machines to help in the fabrication process including those neccesary to automatically build PCBs and 3D printing and others such as 3D scanners.


3D Modelling
3D Printing
Circuit Production
CNC Milling